Volunteers are needed for the National Headquarters             office located in Metairie, Louisiana.                             PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS!!!
       1-888-ONE-WISH or our local number 504-841-0001.  We are located at 3000 West Esplanade Ave. Ste. 100 Metairie, La 70002.  We are seeking volunteers to make calls for donations, light faxing, and light office duties!! 
The wishing well has an alternate email address in case you may experience technical difficulties:   Ashlie /Office Manager
The Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc. has a 2nd line phone line the number is 504-475-5593
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Posted by Shea maheu on 05-Jan-2019 at 01:47:00 EST
Subject: Work help

I am interested in helping out! I can do a LOT from where I am, i have a fax, computer, and phones. I mentioned in email i do work with the NKF so i am very familiar with duties to be done.. i also feel i could help out in my area for the foundation!