Wishes Granted

                   JAMES  17  YEARS OLD  NY               WISH-SHOPPING SPREE FOR HIS PROM 
JOBE   14yrs old
FROM:  Huntington Beach, CA
ILLNESS:  HIV Positive  (Life-Threatening Illness)
WISH:  To see a live Football  San Francisco 49ers Game
            WISH GRANTED OCT. 4, 2015
 TACCORIN-TX      AGE-7           WISH GRANTED 2016
 ILLNESS-Awaiting a heart transplant                
 WISH-Hornets basketball game
David Age 17-GA
Wish Granted: Laptop Computer and Beats Headphones
 Name:  James
                                       Age:  15yrs old
                                       From:  Campbellsville, KY
                                        Illness:  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
                                       Wish:  Trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida
                                        WISH GRANTED JULY 2015

 Name:  Stephano
                                          Age:  6
                                       From:  Panama City, Florida
                                      Wish:  Shopping Spree
            WISH GRANTED MAY 15, 2015
A few Shopping spree pictures from Stephano's wish
 David age 14 from Decatur, Georgia
                                       Illness:  Glioma Brain Tumor (Life Threatening)
                                       Wish:  Shopping Spree
          WISH GRANTED APRIL 17th, 2015 
   Jared age 10 from Whitesburg Georgia.
                                        Illness:  Palsy, Seizures and is confined to a wheelchair. 
                                          Wish: Trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida
                            WISH GRANTED DECEMBER 2014

Shaquira age 5
From: Winchester, VA       
Illness: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Wish: Chuck E. Cheese Party/Shopping Spree
 Byrce age 14
Illness:  Type 1 Diabetes (Life Threatening)
From:  Castorland, NY
Wish:  Trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida with his family
 Elizabeth  age 16
Illness: Neurofibromatosis Type 1
From : Arkansas
Wish: To take a  Cruise with best friend
Lillie (8) - Illinois
Wish Disney World
Illness Life Threatening Epileptius Trisomy
Dear Wishing Well Foundation:  
We thank you dearly for sending our family on this magical trip! Your organization has been so gracious to us. Disney World was a beautiful experience for our family. Staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge was such a lovely experience. Awesome! We are grateful for the organizations and people who made this happen for our Special Angel on Earth! 

Love Ken, Tina and Lillie

Jesus -
 (age 14) TX
Wish - A trip to Disney World
Illness - Cerebral Palsy

 Antwone (age 5) NY
Wish - A special chair and an Apple iPad
Illness - Cerebral Palsy
(12) - NY
Wish - A kayak and trip to Shore Meadow in Lake George with his family
Illness - Ehlers Danols Syndrome
- (age 13) TX
Wish - Take a cruise with his family
Illness - Nemaline Myopathy
Dakota - (age 6) NC
Wish - Holden Beach
Illness - Spastic Cerebral Palsy

- (age 14) CA
Wish - Visit Grandmother in Hawaii
Illness - Severe asthmatic
Naanise (10 years) - CA
Wish - Fix-up Bedroom
Illness Heart Murmur Airways
Downs Syndrome
Ericka (10 years) - WA 
WISH- Disneyland
Illness -Type 1 Diabetes
Jacqueline (15) - Missouri
Disney World

Virginia (17 years) -Ky
Wish - A car
Illness - Cystic Fibrosis



Jaymason (7 years)OR 
Wish Disneyland
Illness Cerebral Palsy

Kyle (12) - Missouri
Wish Pool with Slide
Illness Cystic Fibrosis


Dawson (8) - Louisiana
Wish Have His Therapy
Room Redone
Illness Mitochondrial Disorder

Tyeisha (11) - North Carolina
Wish Disney World
Illness Hydrocephalus

Katlyn (11) - Alabama
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Severe Cystic Fibrosis

Duane (12) - Mississippi
Wish Disney World
Illness Black Fan Anemia

Deana (12) - Florida
Wish A Puppy
Illness Recurrent Infections
of Airways and Lungs

Haley (15) - North Carolina
Wish A Week at the Beach
Illness Athetoid CP

Jared (8) - Tennessee
Wish Disney World
Illness Chromosomal

Ethan (17) - North Carolina
Wish National Quartet Convention
in Kentucky
Illness di george Syndrome Asthma

Byron (17) - North Carolina
Wish Work Out Bench
and Weights
Illness Leukemia

Carrie (15) - Washington
and Alexandra (17)
- Oregon
Wish To go to Disneyland
Illness Myotonic Dystrophy

Spencer (15) - Missouri
Wish Caribbean Cruise
Illness Severe Spinal Cord Injury

Quinton (6) - Massachusetts
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Tuberous Sclerosis

Wish-Disney World
Illness -Transposition of Great Arteries

Morgan -(7) NC
Wish-Disney World

Jake-(7) -TX
 Wish-Disney World  
ILLNESS-Severe Seizures


Lashalle (17) - Montana
Wish Mexican Riviera Cruise
Illness Telangiectasia
Dear Wishing Well Foundation:  
I want to thank you We would like to thank you for my wish. I am very grateful for the whole experience. It was so much fun. The cruise ship was really nice and very big. Swimming with the dolphins was awesome. I'm thankful for the time we had as a family. This was truly a great wish that will be in my heart forever. I want to thank Robin for all her hard work in making sure that it was a great trip. Thank you Robin. I hope you enjoy the picture. Again, a big heartfelt thank you to all. I^m a very lucky girl to have received a great wish. 

Love Lashalle

Forrest (16) - Florida
Wish 58" HDTV & Wii
Illness Mitochondrial DNA Disorder

Ricardo (12) - Texas
Wish Disney world
Illness Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Samantha (14) - Michigan
Wish Swim with the Dolphins
Illness Hydrocephalus

Vincent (11) - Wisconsin
Wish Visit his grandparents in TX
Illness Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Type I

Terry (15) - Washington
Wish Alaskan Cruise
Illness Cerebral Palsy

Katie (13) - Missouri
Wish Visit Branson to go
Horseback Riding
Illness Severe Cerebral Palsy

Alli (11) - North Carolina
Wish CMA Festival in Nashville
Illness Cystic Fibrosis

Essence (13) - Georgia
Wish Caribbean Cruise
Illness Long QT Syndrome


Eric (15) - New Hampshire
Wish Go to Bar Harbor Maine
Illness Seizure Disorder

Michelle (6) - Texas
Wish Disney world
Illness Trisomy 18

We would like to the Wishing Well Foundation and everyone who made Michelle's wish come true. Thank you Robin for arranging everything that had to do with Michelle's wish. Michelle and everyone in her family had lots of fun flying for the first time, especially to Disney World!
Disney is such a magical place that Michelle could have her wish of being in Cinderella's Cast with Cinderella and the Princesses to spend time with them also to take pictures and have breakfast in the Castle. Michelle and her family took pictures also with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and almost all the Disney Characters.

Thank you .
From Michelle Negrete and her Loving Family

Amber (12) - Pennsylvania
Wish Disney world
Illness Lafora's Disease

Starr (11) - New Jersey
Wish Computer
Illness Congenital Heart Disease

Lisette (12) - Louisiana
Wish Hot Tub to help with therapy
Illness Caravan Disease


Steven (17) - Pennsylvania
Wish Laptop Computer
Illness Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Brandy Jo (13) - Illinois
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Von Willie Brand's

Zachary (13) - Texas
Wish disney world
Illness Chromosome Disorder

Michael (9) - Pennsylvania
Wish Disney world
Illness Brain Tumor

Caleb (14) - Illinois
Wish Carnival Cruise
Illness Chronic Granulomatous 

Marcus (8) - New Jersey
Wish Disney world
Illness Cerebral Palsy

Sally (17) - Pennsylvania
Wish Used Car
Illness HIV

Colin (11) - Michigan
Wish Disney world
Illness Chromosome Deletion 

Charles (15) - Pennsylvania
Wish Disney world
Illness Hepablastoma

Cooper (9) - Oregon
Wish disney world
Illness Stage I Astrocytoma

Joshua (16) - Texas
Wish Disney world
Illness Duchenne Dystrophy

Owen (14) - Pennsylvania
Wish Disney world
Illness Medulloblastoma
Brain Cancer

Ashley (9 years) - Illinois
Wish Therapeudic wheel chair
Illness Sandhoff Disease
Annette (5 years) - Texas
Wish disney world
Adam (17 years) - Kansas
Cerebral palsy
CODY (15) - Oregon
Illness HIV
DANIEL (15) - Illinois
NICHOLAS (14) - Wisconsin
Wish Cruise
KINA (10 years) - ILLINOIS
TYLER (9 years) - MISSOURI
KAMED (15 years) - TEXAS
Briana & Kaitlyn (10 & 11) - Utah
Wish Disney Land
Illness Cerebral Palsy
Kaitlyn & Brianna met in the hospital while receiving treatment for Canavan Leukodystrophy which is a very rare cancer that both girls have. Their wish was to go to disney land together. 
Note from parents:  
Thank you soooooooo much for the WONDERFUL trip. Here is a CD with 552 photos and 5 short videos of our trip. It was a Blast. The girls loved being together. We had tons of smiles. Much Appreciation  

Joshua (18) - Massachusetts
Wish Aerosmith Concert
Illness Duchenne Muscular

Rebecca (14) - Michigan
Wish Disney World
Illness Cerebral Palsy

Edward (15) - Texas
Wish Cruise
Illness Duchenne Muscular

Misty (16) - New York
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Systemic Lupus 

Trynton (11) - Virginia
Wish Caribbean Cruise
Illness Di george Syndrome

Abigail (12) - Ohio
Wish Disney World
Illness Relapsed ALL Leukimia

Jeffrey (11) - Louisiana
Wish disney world
Illness Microcepaly and Epilepsy
Dear Wishing Well Foundation:  
My family and I would like to say thank you for everything that your foundation has done for us. The trip that we went on was everything we could hope for and more. When we arrived at disney world we really did not know what to expect but as the days came we took them one by one. As we went on that first outage and little Jeff began to see his surroundings it was clear he knew that something special was taking place. We were able to bring him on boat ride, bus rides and train rides. The real time that he showed a lot of interest was when we began to meet the characters that were at the parks. The best thing was that little Jeff got to meet Winnie the Pooh a Disney character that his nick name Honey comes from so to see him laugh and smile as if he knew that what was going on was special for him at that time. It was great for me to see my wife and my other two children take part in the experience with little Jeff. Just to see him as he was on this trip really made me happy and gave me and the rest of my family memories that will last for ever and ever. So in closing I would like to say thank you again to you and your organization for the trip of a lifetime because with out you we might not of been able to ever take this trip and get the memories that were made while in Disney.  

Kyara (4) - California
Wish Sea World
Illness SMA Type I


Colton (10) - California
Wish Cruise
Illness Shwachmans Syndrome

Robert (12) - Texas
Wish Handicap Bathroom
Illness Migrational Cell Defect

Logan (5) - Illinois
Wish Swimming Pool
Illness Hypoplastic Left Heart

 (12) - Michigan
Wish disney world
Illness Spastic Quadripelegia

 (15) - New York
Wish Flat screen TV
Illness Ewings Sarcoma
Bone Cancer

Kevin (17) - Pennsylvania
Wish Laptop
Illness Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Sophia (7) - New Jersey
Wish Island Dolphin Care,
Key Largo, Florida

Illness Fibrodysplasia-Ossifcans Progressive

Rosemary (17) - Texas
Wish Used Car
Illness Melanoma Stage III

Ashly (4) - Louisiana
Wish Disney World
Illness Metastatic Medublasloma 


 (11) - Louisiana
Wish disney world
Illness Hydrocephalus


Adam (14) - Pennsylvania
Wish Caribbean Cruise
Illness Refractory Epilepsy

Maria (6) - Illinois
Wish Disney World
Illness HIV, Asthma and Anemia

 (5) - Wyoming
Wish disney world
Illness Lymphoblastic

 (13) - Louisiana
Wish Island Dolphin Care,
Key Largo, Florida
Illness Cockayne Syndrome

Nicole (5) - New York
Wish Play Station Sing Along
Illness Biliary Atresia

Tommi (6) - Illinois
Wish Disney World
Illness Cerebral Palsy

Tamareiyae (3) - Mississippi
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Neuroblastoma

Nathan (6) - Texas
Wish Disney Cruise
Illness Rhizomelic Chondro Punctata Lysplasia

Erin (18) - North Carolina
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Cystic Fibrosis

Liel (14) - New York
Wish Laptop Computer
Illness Severe Neuro
Muscular Disorder

Aidan (5) - Alaska
Wish Disney World
Illness Severe Dystonia Epilepsy

Kevin (6) - Louisiana
Wish Disney World
Illness Brain Tumor

Mark (10) - Arkansas
Wish Redecorate His Bedroom
Illness Brain Tumors

Joey (14) - Louisiana
Wish Laptop Computer
Illness Muscular Dystrophy

Whitney (14) - Georgia
Wish Van with
Wheel Chair Lift
Illness Severe Brain Injury

Sadie (10) - Louisiana
Wish Computer
Illness Prader-Willi Syndrome
Morgan (4) - Minnesota
Wish Disney World
Illness Brain Cancer
Dear Wishing Well Foundation:  
We want to thank the foundation from the bottom of our hearts for this fabulous trip that you sent us on. It was absolutely unbelievable and can not be put into words. I still have a lump in my throat thinking about our experience and honestly cried when it was time to face reality again. We can't thank you enough for providing us such a special week. God bless you all. 

Steve, Stevie, Molly and Morgan

Andrew (15) - Illinois
Wish A Deck to overlook
planes in the sky.
Illness Spastic-Quad
Cerebral Palsy

Samantha (5) - Oregon
Wish Deck for her pool
Illness Opsoclonus
Myoclonys-Neuroblastoma Cancer

Jonathan (13) - Texas
Wish Computer
Illness Spinal Muscular

Shannon (11) - Virginia
Wish Meet WWF Wrestlers
Illness Huningtons Disease

Jason (8) - Kentucky
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness One Lung, Severe Asthma

Emily (6) - Louisiana
Wish Ride in Little Rascals

Illness Spinal Muscular

Melissa (17) - Louisiana
Wish Disney World
Illness Prouder Willi Syndrome

Jacob (6) - Illinois
Wish Disney World
Illness Polycustic Kidney Disease

Miles (17) - Iowa
Wish Go to the Super Bowl
Illness Duchenne Muscular

Addie (15 - Kansas
Wish Computer & Printer
Illness Terminal Muscular

Zak (9) - Texas
Wish Cancun Mexico
Illness Embryonal Rhabdomyo

Tyler (12) - Iowa
Wish Go to Red Forest
Illness Duchenne Muscular

Adra (14) - Kansas
Wish Christmas
Shopping Spree
Illness Alexanders Disease

Wayne (17) - Louisiana
Wish Birthday Party at Elks Lodge
Illness Congenital

Jessica (9) - Iowa
Wish Shopping Spree
at Mall of America
Illness Relapsed AML

Jeremy (13) - Oklahoma
Wish Christmas
Shopping Spree
Illness Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Marissa (9) - New Jersey
Wish Disney World
Illness Canavan Disease

Kristin (7) - Missouri
Wish Disney World
Illness Parameningeal

Jerome (17) - Louisiana
Wish Computer
Illness Muscular Dystrophy

Brandy (3) - Illinois
Wish Disney World
Illness Arthrogryposis

Joy (7) - Louisiana
Wish Disney World
Illness Pseudo

Katie (10) - Iowa
Wish Mobility Wheelchair
Illness Cerebral Palsy

Monica (12) - Louisiana
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Terminal Illness

Shannon (14) - Louisiana
Wish Shopping Spree
Illness Hodgkins disea

Alexander (12) - Oregon
Wish Disneyland
Illness Cerebral Palsy
Dear Wishing Well,
Thank you so much for sending our son Alex and family to Disneyland. We had a wonderful time and made so many memories that we will cherish forever.
Your Foundation is so incredibly generous, we could never afford to take a trip like this.
Robin - you were such a joy to talk to and plan our trip with. We believe that Alex had a great time thanks to you! We are so grateful for this gift you have given us.
With love and best wishes, 
The Yozzo Family


  Razhane(6) - Illinois
Wish Disney world
Illness sickle cell ANEMIA

Samuel (7) - new york
Wish room remodel
Illness left heart syndrome